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Coffins for Sale: What You Need to Know

Searching for coffins for sale can be a challenging endeavor, especially for navigating coffin prices and coffin materials. The good news is that it's possible to find reputable online coffin retailers, all while finding options within your budget.

When it comes to buying coffins online, this guide can help you make the best and most affordable choice.

What are Coffins?

Coffins are used for funeral and burial purposes. In 1380 England, the term originated from the French word "cofin," meaning basket. Even though the coin was termed in the 1380s, evidence of wood coffins dates back to 5000 BC in Shaanxi, China. 

Today, coffins are typically constructed with 6 sides plus a top and bottom lid and tapered at the shoulders.

However, there are also coffins that are designed with four sides, which are trapezoidal in shape.


What is the Difference Between a Coffin and a Casket?

Before you venture to buy coffins online, it's wise to understand the difference between a coffin and a casket.

While you should understand the basic construction of a coffin, this is what makes a casket different:

  • A casket was originally a coffin that evolved into a rectangular shape
  • Caskets were originally more ornamental in design than coffins
  • Both are made from a variety of materials
  • Both also have a variety of choices for lining materials 

Caskets serve the same purpose as coffins, but overall they are more streamlined in shape.

You can find more information about the differences between the two products here.

Coffin Materials

What are coffins made from? Materials are available in several options which can greatly impact price and quality.

These are the most popular types of coffins available:

  • Wood coffins
  • Metal coffins
  • Laminate coffins
  • Solid copper and bronze coffins
  • Biodegradable coffins

The material choice is entirely a personal preference. Not only are different materials available, but you will find an array of finishes as well. You can select from choices ranges from wood grain to black, gray, pink, and even military theme.

Coffin Linings

Inside a coffin, you’ll find lining material. There is also an expansive selection for lining, which can include luxurious choices. Options include but are not limited to: 

  • Velvet
  • Crepe
  • Silk
  • Velour
  • Linen 

You can also choose to have the materials tailored such as tufted or ruffled. Nearly all colors of lining are available as well.

How Much Should You Spend on a Coffin?

This is yet another personal choice when it comes to buying coffins online. Coffins come in a large range of prices, with affordable options for nearly all budgets.

Keep in mind that the material of the coffin, as well as the lining, makes a difference. For example, linen is typically the most affordable lining while velvet is the most expensive.

Meanwhile, wood coffins are more expensive especially considering the inflation of lumber cost. An economic option for coffin material is cloth-covered fiberboard or pressed wood. Bronze and copper are typically the most expensive.

Choosing a Coffin Provider

How can you find coffins for sale? Luckily, since the 1990s, you have several options of where you can go to find metal coffins, wood coffins, and more.

Funeral Home: A funeral home might seem like the most convenient option for buying coffins. However, this convenience can come with a price. This is typically the most expensive route to take when it comes to finding coffins for sale, no matter what material you may choose.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates where you can buy coffins. You are not forced to buy from a funeral home if you can find discount coffins elsewhere. Since you can purchase from third parties, funeral homes increased their prices on coffins to make up for lost revenue.

 Online: Buying discount coffins online can help save money on funeral expenses. With the average funeral cost coming in at $7,000 to $10,000, there is hope for those who don’t want to go bankrupt while saying goodbye to a loved one.

Why Should You Buy Discount Coffins Online?

Aside from saving money, there are several other benefits to buying coffins online.

When you buy coffins online, you get a tremendous selection of options. These options can far surpass what a funeral home is able to offer. You can design the perfect coffin where your loved one can rest in peace.

Another great perk is that there is no need to worry about sneaky service charges and other pitfalls of buying from funeral homes.

It’s also a fast and easy process to pick the perfect coffin and have it shipped to you in a timely manner. There are many other aspects of funeral planning and spending time with loved ones. The approach to buying coffins online is convenient and hassle-free.

Choosing the Right Coffin

There is no straightforward answer on how you should choose the right coffin for a loved one, or even yourself.

Some choose coffins before a loved one passes. Other people don’t pick a coffin until the funeral planning begins.

Whether the passing is sudden or expected, know that there are many options and resources available. Discount Caskets offers coffin options for a vast range of budgets. We’re in the business of helping our clients afford funeral expenses, not adding to the burden of high cost.

We invite you to take a look around at our coffin inventory. You’ll find wood coffins, metal coffins, and more. You will also see that we have a variety of lining options that will offer an element of peacefulness for your loved one’s eternal rest.

With free 1-2 day shipping with every coffin and over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are here to assist you with coffin questions and more. Click here to contact us now.


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