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Cheap Caskets for Sale: Tips for Spending Less

When you're looking for cheap caskets, you can save money by understanding how they are priced. Sometimes it can feel tough to find cheap caskets for sale, but it’s entirely possible to find options within your budget. This overview will help you understand their costs and help you save money.

How to Choose Cheap Caskets to Fit Your Budget

The main reason behind the expense of caskets is the materials made for manufacturing. Solid copper and solid bronze can be amongst the most expensive choices. Cloth-covered caskets and plywood tend to be the most affordable options.

Metal materials:

  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Standard Steel

Wood materials:

    • Mahagony
    • Walnut
    • Oak
    • Maple
    • Pine
    • Poplar
    • Cherry
    • Veneer


Fiberglass caskets are also available which can look similar to wood. Inside caskets, you will find different lining materials which can also influence the price. These materials include linen, velvet, silk, crepe, and more.

Another impact on price is the casket veil. Casket veils were originally designed as veils that are placed over the body inside the coffin. Originally, the idea was to keep insects away along with protection from heat and debris. Today, they are used for aesthetic reasons during open casket funerals.

Cheap Caskets / Coffins: What’s the Most Cost-Effective Material?

The material you choose for a casket comes down to personal preference as well as budget. Wood is generally a more expensive option for a casket. However, pine is one of the most affordable casket materials in terms of wood.

With metal, bronze and copper are typically the most expensive material. Stainless steel is an economic choice for a metal casket.

Price Range for Caskets / Coffins

How much do cheap caskets cost? This depends on your budget, but there is a range that can help you determine the cost. The cost of caskets is a broad topic with several variables. It depends on the material as well as interior linings used. Typically, an average casket costs in the ballpark of $2,000.

However, expensive materials such as mahogany caskets can cost $10,000 or more. When you search for cheap caskets for sale, browse with a budget in mind to refrain from overspending.

Buying Cheap Caskets / Coffins: Avoid Funeral Homes

In the United States, there are laws that state that funeral homes must allow you to purchase caskets from third-party vendors.

This is part of the FTC funeral rule, where you have the right to purchase the arrangements that you want. It also requires funeral homes to give you itemized pricing lists at your request so you know what you will pay to buy a casket from them---which is typically sold at a premium.

When you buy cheap caskets online, you can source your options from all over the world. You will find them manufactured in the United States, Mexico, and China. However, only roughly 2% of caskets made in China are sold in the US.

Get Cheap Caskets Now

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