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Question: What is the purpose of a casket?

Answer: Reduced to most practical terms, a casket is simply a container designed to hold the remains of the deceased. Caskets protect the dignity of the deceased and provide a beautiful way to have your loved one’s remains on display during a funeral or memorial services. In early days, the casket (or coffin) was primarily functional. Over time, the tradition of purchasing a casket based on design has grown as a way to honor the person who will be protected by the casket.


Question: How much does a casket cost?

Answer: Casket costs vary widely. A simple casket may be as low as a $1,000. Fully customized high-end models can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there is a wide range of options in all price ranges. This means you can easily find a beautiful casket to suit any taste and budget.


Question: Why are caskets so expensive?

Answer: The cost of a casket is determined primarily by what it is made of. Pricing is not unlike that of fine furniture. For example, caskets made of rare hardwoods such a mahogany will be more expensive that those made of common, readily available woods such as pine. High-end bronze models will be more expensive than those of stainless steel. The amount and type of ornamentation will also be a factor in the price. Customization and personalization can also add to the cost of the casket. The mark-up for caskets varies as widely as the prices. While it may be difficult to shop around, it is possible to save money by comparing prices. Funeral homes tend to have the highest mark-ups followed by retail showrooms. Online providers normally have the lowest pricing.


Question: Do I have to buy my casket from the funeral home?

Answer: No. You do not have to purchase your casket from the funeral home. The Funeral Rule, a law designed to protect consumers, specifies that your funeral home is required to accept a casket from a third party seller.


Question: Why are your caskets priced so much lower than at the funeral home?

Answer: We get our inventory from an independent manufacturer. We also do not have the high overhead of a funeral home, therefore we are able to offer supreme discounts on our products.


Question: Can you guarantee the quality of the casket?

Answer: Yes, we at Discount Caskets go through an extensive quality control process at the factory to ensure our caskets are of the highest quality. We offer a return or exchange policy if you are not satisfied with the casket. Please refer to our return policy.


Question: How come the funeral home recommends buying the casket from them?

Answer: Funeral homes do not want you to purchase anything related to a funeral elsewhere because it takes business away from them. However, with the growing number of customers exploring the option of online casket purchasing, the “steering” of a customer to funeral home provided funeral necessities has reduced over the past couple years.


Question: Where can I find Funeral Rules and Regulations?

Answer: You can find the Rules and Regulations by clicking HERE.

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