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Discount Caskets offers the best prices on Wholesale Caskets!

Explore our range of wholesale caskets, offering quality and affordability for funeral homes, crematoriums, and funeral service providers. Our selection includes a variety of styles and materials to suit every need and budget, from traditional wood to eco-friendly options. With bulk pricing and convenient ordering, we make it easy to provide dignified farewell options for your clients while saving you time and money. Discover our wholesale caskets today and elevate your funeral service offerings. 

Are you a funeral home looking for the best prices on wholesale caskets. We offer up to 20% off our caskets.

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wholesale caskets


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Wholesale Caskets

1. What are wholesale caskets?

Wholesale caskets are caskets sold in bulk quantities at discounted prices. They are typically purchased by funeral homes, crematoriums, and funeral service providers to meet the needs of their clients.

2. Why buy wholesale caskets?

Buying wholesale caskets allows funeral homes and service providers to purchase quality caskets at lower prices, ultimately saving money on their inventory costs. Additionally, buying in bulk ensures that there are enough caskets available to meet the demands of their clientele.

3. What types of caskets are available for wholesale purchase?

We offer wholesale prices on most of our casket inventory.

4. Are Discount Caskets wholesale caskets of lesser quality than retail caskets?

All of our caskets are the same as the ones we sell on our website. There is no difference in quality.

5. What are the payment and shipping terms for wholesale casket purchases?

Payment and shipping cost require full payment upfront. Shipping terms include freight charges, delivery timelines, and minimum order quantities. It's essential to review and understand the terms and conditions before finalizing a wholesale casket purchase with Discount Caskets.

6. Can I return or exchange wholesale caskets if needed?

Discount Caskets has a strict no-return policies. Make sure to contact us to make sure our caskets are a fit for you.

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