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Gloss Mahogany Finish Ivory Velvet Interior Outside with of 28.5″
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  • Gloss Mahogany Finish
  • Ivory Velvet Interior
  • Outside with of 28.5″
The casket is shipped in one of two special cargo compartments under the commercial passenger airplanes (typically American, Delta or United) apart from the other luggage. These two special compartments are where they store bodies and empty caskets. This is how the casket is packaged. First there is a thin layer of Styrofoam, followed by a layer of bubble wrap. Over that are placed large blocks of hard Styrofoam which provide most of the support as well as 5" thick styrofoam caps over both ends. Over that is a double-walled cardboard box and then another double-walled box over that. You can literally beat the box with a baseball bat and not hurt the casket. There is roughly 3-5 inches between the outer box and the inner casket so if the box is ruffled on the outside, the casket will not be scratched or dented 3-5 inches below the box surface. After it gets to the airport the hot-shot courier typically picks up your casket and delivers it directly to the funeral home in his van. We will email you to notify you that the casket has been delivered.

Emperor Wood Classic

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service

Ordered online, item was delivered the next day in the morning . Excellent service. Highly recommend this company.

Jackie McDonough

I placed my order at 8:15 p.m. on Thursday, and they personally delivered it at 11 a.m. the next day. I was surprised when the Funeral Director informed me that it had been delivered and that it was wonderful. Talk about overnight service.

Excellent customer service

Thank you for providing this high-quality wood casket. The casket arrived in 24 hours after we purchased it. Excellent customer service. Thank you very much.

The local funeral home were so expensive and out of my budget

I had just lost my wife and I needed a casket for her burial. Most of the caskets at the local funeral home were so expensive and out of my budget. I went online and found Discount-Caskets.com and got a beautiful casket at a fraction of the cost from what the local funeral home was selling theirs. I highly recommend Discount Caskets to anyone looking for casket.

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