It's never easy to lose a loved one, and planning a funeral can be hard, especially when you have to pick out the right box.

Wooden Casket

A personal choice made for a friend or family member who has died should be true to their personality, beliefs, and way of life. Today, there are many ways to make caskets, which are also called coffins, unique. They are a great way to honor the memory of a loved one.

A great way to start this process is to compare the most popular types of casket materials. To this day, I am still trying to find out how to get started. We are ready to help you.

Let's compare metal and wood caskets in terms of cost, quality, appearance, and environmental damage.

How much coffins cost

When you buy a coffin, consider your income. There are a few small price differences between metal and wooden caskets, so there is something for everyone.

How much wooden coffins cost

Wooden coffins are less expensive than those made of valuable metals, but they don't last as long. Next, we'll talk about how wooden boxes hurt the environment. Coffins made of wood are much harder to clean than those made of metal because wood is open.

Paint is not a choice for wooden caskets, so glosses and finishes are the only colors that can be used. This can, however, give the wood a warm, natural look. Solid hardwood costs more than wood veneer. Prices for wooden coffins range from $895 to over $4,000.

Costs of a metal casket

When you compare the main metals used for caskets to other metals, they are often cheaper. While wooden caskets look more traditional, metal caskets are more modern and won't break down in the weather or get wet from rain or snow.

For an extra $1,000, you can add pictures, words, or designs to metal caskets to make them unique. Take a look at this interesting coffin made for a photographer. His family had taken many pictures of him over the years and put them on the box. It was a beautiful tribute to his life's work. Metal coffins cost between $995 and $3,00+ before they are customized.

Looking Outward

Modern caskets can be made from many colors and types of materials. So, whether you want something more classic, like solid wood, or something more modern, like standard steel, there is something for everyone.

The Look of a Wooden Casket

It looks like wooden graves are cozier and more traditional. In addition, they typically look more refined and understated. You can decorate the outside of wood in almost any way you want. You can use different kinds of wood, from lighter ones like oak and ash to darker ones like cherry.

Different kinds of wooden caskets

Some of the things that can be used to make wooden caskets are:

One of the most common materials for coffins is poplar wood, which has a great finish and is often used to make furniture. One of the styles that can be used on popular caskets is white.

Walnut wood is strong and lasts a long time. You can be sure that the oak caskets you buy are the best available.

Mahogany stands out from other woods because of its deep color and wide range of styles. It is a rare wood that costs a little more than other woods for caskets, but it is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind choice for a loved one.

People love maple trees because they make maple syrup, and their graves have a beautiful reddish-brown color.

Cherry is a good wood with a reddish or sometimes reddish brown finish and a straight grain. Although cherry coffins look better, they are not as strong as wood coffins.

People know that cedar wood is strong and durable. You can tell it apart from other types of wood because the grain has many small cuts in it.

Pine is better for the earth because it breaks down quickly and costs less. It is also often used to make caskets for cremations.

Many people like oak because of its unique grain. Oak coffins are not expensive, so they can fit many different budgets.

The way a metal coffin looks

The shape of metal tombs is more modern and angular. People like metal graves because they last a long time and come in many colors. Metal is better than wood in this case because it can be shaped and embossed to almost any pattern for the grave of your loved one.

Types of Metal Caskets

Metal caskets can be made from more than just normal steel. Some of these materials are:

20-gauge steel is used to make the least expensive metal caskets on the market. Even though it isn't as strong or thick as other valuable metals or steels, it is still a good choice.

Even though it has a smaller number, 18 gauge steel is thicker than 20 gauge steel. The extra width of the shell is what makes them cost more.

Metal casket

Stainless steel caskets don't rust and don't need to be coated in any other way.

Copper and bronze are the two strongest metals for coffins. These metals won't rust or break down; they just get a coating. They are more expensive than other metals, but they last longer and shine better.

Having worries about quality and the environment

Families and individuals planning funerals may have different goals when it comes to quality and effect on the environment. Let's look at how well metal and wood caskets stand up to weather and wear and tear.

Effects of Wooden Caskets on the Environment and Their Quality

Wooden coffins are strong, but they will break down over time because trees are made of natural materials. Also, since the wood hasn't been handled with chemicals, it will break down over time into its parts, which are water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and organic matter.

Metal gear like hinges, nails, rails, and corner barriers are not good for the environment. Instead, use glues, pegs, joints, and other natural fasteners and connections.

Effects on the Environment and the Quality of Metal Burials

Metal breaks down and changes back into its basic form much more slowly than wood. Metal caskets are the obvious choice for safety from the weather. They can be treated with a number of chemicals to stop them from rusting and decaying. Some coffins are completely sealed with a rubber gasket, which gives your loved one the best protection from the weather.

You can get metal coffins in a range of thicknesses, from 14 gauge to 24 gauge, so you can choose how much security you want from the weather. There are more options for tombs that are almost impossible to crush by outside forces.

Last Look at Wood vs Metal Caskets

Caskets made of steel or solid wood may be better for some people than others. A wooden or metal box can be a unique memorial to your loved one that people at the funeral will treasure. Metal caskets are more current and waterproof, but wood caskets are usually less expensive.