It's never easy to plan a funeral for a loved one, especially when you want to honor their life and memory. If you want a traditional funeral, you need to choose the type of funeral service you want before you do anything else.

Right Color

In the last one hundred years, caskets have changed a lot. Now, you can get them in almost any color you can think of. Picking the right box is a very important choice. Let's look at some popular coffin color choices. Remember that you can make a casket your own in a number of ways.

Colors that people like for caskets

Metal and wood are the most popular materials used to make caskets. The two are available in a wide variety of hues and designs. Metal caskets, like those made of stainless steel, come in a range of colors.

Pink and rose gold coffins

Rose gold, also called "millennial pink," is a trendy metal finish for caskets. Rose gold boxes add a soft, girly touch. Most caskets are designed with light colors and linings. Rose gold goes well with both gold and silver hardware.

Pink is a popular choice for women because it makes them feel girly. Many pink tombs are now blush or pastel in color, which gives them a soft look. For a more lively feel, you can also use brighter pinks to make unique coffins.

Rose gold and pink are usually linked with women, but these coffins can also be a stylish and traditional choice for men.

Violet graves

For thousands of years, kings and queens have worn purple clothes to show their power. Purple is also linked to faith because it is the color with the highest frequency and is at the very top of the color spectrum.

There are many shades of purple caskets, from soft lavender to bright purple. The soft purple colors make me feel like I'm in a beautiful place.

Blue graves

Blue is often the most popular color when it comes to color trends. The color blue makes me think of water and the ocean. Feelings of peace and relaxation are often linked to it. Blue coffins are a nice-looking option that also sends a message of peace.

Blood-red graves

Red is a great color for passionate, lively, and brave people. Around the world, red is thought to bring wealth and good luck. Because red is a strong, bright color, any flowers or other decorations that are close to the red coffin may need to be toned down.

Green caskets

If someone wants something more colorful, green is a great choice. Green is a bright color that stands for nature, the earth, and growth. If you like being outside, green is a great color for you.

A thoughtful way to honor someone who has served in the military might be to have them wear army green instead. People with Irish roots and customs can use green coffins to show this.

Silver caskets

Silver is a color that symbolizes strength, focus, and clarity. Silver coffins are a great choice for mysterious and beautiful people because they are often linked to the moon and its feminine qualities.

Silver is a great finishing touch for classy and traditional people, and it's often thought of as a sign of wealth and style.

Gold caskets

Gold is an incredibly beautiful finish that is often linked to jewelry, money, and status. Gold can mean many things, such as divinity, kindness, and understanding. Gold coffins are a great choice for people who have been leaders and teachers.

White caskets

Simplicity is indeed the height of style, and white is no different. When people see the color white, they often think of simplicity, new beginnings, and purity. This meaning changes depending on where you are. In many Asian cultures, the color white is linked to death.

You could use white boxes, which look lovely. Many different colors also look great with white tombs. Any arrangement of flowers with a white coffin will make the funeral look clean and well-kept.

Right Color

Dark graves

In the West, black is often associated with sadness, but it can also represent wealth and honor. Like white, this color goes well with many different shades.

People who look serious and put-together should use black graves. There are so many different types of caskets now that black ones aren't the only option. No matter what, these graves have a timeless beauty.

Customized Colors for Coats

Don't worry if you looked at the most common funeral box colors and didn't find anything that stood out. You can still paint a steel box any color you want if you have a certain color in mind for your family member or loved one.

There are a lot of choices when you order customizations outside of the funeral home. The Federal Trade Commission says that a funeral planner must take a coffin that a customer buys from someone else. Don't forget about the great custom options if none of the famous choices appeal to you.

Frequently Used Finishes for Wood

If you want a more traditional coffin, one made of wood will look warmer and more classic. In addition, they typically look more refined and understated. Because of this, wooden coffins are a great choice for people who want a more traditional coffin that looks natural.

Hardwood coffins can have almost any kind of outer decoration you can think of. They can also be made from a lot of different woods, from lighter tones like oak and ash to dark cherry.

Burial Arks Made of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is unique because of its deep color and wide range of finishes. It is a rare wood that costs a little more than other woods for caskets, but it is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind choice for a loved one.

Wooden coffins made from poplar

Poplar wood has a beautiful finish and is often used in furniture. It is also one of the most popular materials for tombs. White poplar caskets are one style that can be used.

Caskets made from walnut wood

People know that walnut wood is strong and lasts a long time. When you buy oak caskets, you can be sure that they are of good quality.

Wooden coffins made from maple

Maple caskets are an interesting choice because maple trees, which are famous for making syrup, are a beautiful shade of red.

Cherry Wood caskets for burials

The finish on cherry wood is pinkish or sometimes reddish brown, and the grain runs straight through it. Cherry wood coffins look better than oak wood coffins, but they don't last as long.