In light of the escalating costs within the funeral industry, major retailers like Costco Caskets and Amazon Caskets have entered the market. Rather than manufacturing their own caskets, they procure them from small businesses and rebrand them. These caskets are not handled or stored by these retailers; instead, they rely on distributors like us for shipping and delivery. Let's look at some of the issues with Costco and Amazon Caskets.

Costco Caskets

Source: Daily Mail


1. Lack of Specialization:

Costco and Amazon are renowned for their wide range of products, but they are not specialized funeral suppliers. Caskets are a unique purchase requiring careful consideration of size, material, and style to suit individual preferences. By shopping at Discount Casket, customers benefit from expert guidance and a more tailored shopping experience.


2. Third-Party Sellers:

Both Costco and Amazon often utilize third-party sellers for their casket offerings. This means that the caskets are not directly sourced or controlled by the retailers themselves, leading to potential inconsistencies in quality, delivery times, and customer service. Customers may find themselves dealing with unfamiliar vendors and facing challenges in resolving issues with their purchase.


3. Limited Selection:

While Costco and Amazon may offer a selection of caskets, their inventory is typically limited compared to specialized casket providers. Customers may not find the variety of styles, materials, and customization options they desire when shopping from these retail platforms. This lack of choice can compromise the ability to find a casket that truly honors the memory and preferences of their loved one.


4. Shipping Concerns:

Shipping large and fragile items like caskets requires careful handling and specialized logistics. Customers purchasing caskets from Costco and Amazon may encounter challenges such as delayed deliveries, damaged goods, and difficulties in arranging timely and respectful transportation for their loved one's remains. These issues can add stress and uncertainty to an already emotionally challenging time.



5. Cost Considerations:

While Costco and Amazon may tout competitive pricing for their caskets, customers should carefully consider the overall value they are receiving. Hidden fees, undisclosed shipping costs, and the potential for additional expenses related to customization or returns may offset any initial savings. By comparison, specialized casket providers often offer transparent pricing and a more comprehensive understanding of the total cost of purchase.


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